From thoughtful and effective brand strategy to skillful and elegant design execution Ran Mullins solves your critical brand challenges in a compelling manner uniquely tailored to your brand’s core essence. Ran helps ensure you’re realizing your brand’s full potential by identifying opportunities to extend its reach into new markets and segments, determining how your brand impacts customer behavior in a given category, devising ways to develop and execute corporate brand renewal, and more.

The secret to great results is to begin with a well-thought-out strategy, then execute flawlessly in an environment of staggering complexity. Ran helps you create brand communities that pull customers in and identify how and why they got there.

A few of Ran's offerings are:

Brand Mantra Workshop

Personas and Scenarios Workshop

Naming, Tagline, Logo, Brand Standards Development

Websites, Print Materials, Identity Systems, Tradeshow Booths, Apparel, Merchandise, Vehicle Wraps, etc.


Today your digital strategy must be integrated with your marketing strategy. It’s important to develop a web presence that is not only responsive to the myriad screen sizes your visitors will use, but an experience that has been designed from the start to be used on mobile devices. Your digital strategy must include not only your website, your blog, your social media, your emails, your paid advertising and promotions, but it must also include an experience that is tailored to your buyer’s wants and needs. As the CEO of Relequint and a HubSpot certified partner, Ran recognizes the needs of your target buyer.

Ran believes in inbound marketing and that advertising is about teaching as much as it is about selling. Many of your prospects don’t even know that you exist or that you are an option that they can choose. Those that do know who you are likely don’t see your firm as that different from your competitors. When they are doing research or searching for an answer to their day-to-day challenges they could be identifying your company as a thought leader in their industry. Your company can be positioned as the experts and of adding more value than your competition. This is the real value of inbound marketing.

Using content marketing for lead generation isn’t necessarily new and many companies have started doing it. If you haven’t started yet then you have quite a bit of catching up to do. Every company is a brand and today every brand needs to be a publishing company. Let’s get that engine running so we can develop strategies that relate to your sales process. Acknowledging the buyer’s journey is critical to pulling your customers to you.


Over the years Ran has found himself helping clients with a variety of business strategies and paradigm shift approaches. Sometimes it involves creatively disrupting an industry segment with new offerings. Ran has assisted companies with new revenue strategies, intellectual property pursuits and developing new technologies. 

A few marketing offerings:

Executive Discovery Sessions

Structured Brainstorming

Marketing Planning Workshops



Community Experience Development combines Ran's background in Brand, Digital, Marketing and Business consulting. Observing online community experience and the impact on customer attitudes begins to define a brand's social quotient. Brand communities are now an essential gathering place for kindred spirits to interact with one another as well as with the brand's organization. In 2002 Ran's business philosophy introduced a new construct, Community Experience Development (CeD), to facilitate community members' interactions in brand communities. The approach sheds light on a business model that focuses on the impact of community members' brand community experience on their personal preferences, wants and needs.

Community Experience Development™ (CeD) is a 12-36 month consulting process focused on the paradigm shift of the branding "push" mentality to the community "pull" concept. CeD combines the essential elements of digital, brand strategy, and inclusion to deliver an absolute marketing environment. The core CeD principles involve leveraging intellectual properties to position each community creator as the expert in their industry. Taking branding to the next level Ran provides a clear and thoughtful process to convert a brand audience into a brand community.

See the 2002 Executive Whitepaper Community Experience Development: Empowering Sharing, Participation and Fellowship Among a Body Politic by Ran Mullins — Download the Whitepaper (PDF)